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All Weather Fan Podcast: Super Bowl 50 Wrap, NBA with Alex Kennedy

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Wrap up the historic Super Bowl 50 weekend with John Doe as he’s joined on the All Weather Fan Podcast by guest Alex Kennedy, Managing Editor of Basketball Insiders.

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In what was supposed to be a coronation of Cam Newton and a send off to an all-time great, the game turned into anything but as both quarterbacks impacted their legacy heavily Sunday.

  • Does Newton’s immature body language and handling of the Super Bowl 50 postgame presser undo some, or all, of the good he did for his image in the minds of those who didn’t like him this year?
  • How, at all, is Newton’s legacy impacted by this Super Bowl loss?
  • Does Peyton Manning need to hang it up?
    • How Manning 3.0 could actually win another championship playing just as he did down the stretch.
    • How Manning 1.0 would have fireworks but make the big mistake, and this version of Manning wins three playoff games by not making those mistakes — yet we still degrade the credit we give him.
    • How is Manning’s standing among the all-time greats affected by this victory?

Alex Kennedy gives his take on the Super Bowl and Manning’s legacy and future before discussing:

Golden State Warriors

  • Why they shouldn’t try for 72.
  • Why their style may not actually be the model to follow in the NBA for success.
  • Will Luke Walton leave for New York?

Los Angeles Clippers

  • The team is 17-4 without Blake Griffin, an insider’s take on how serious the Clippers are about moving Griffin.
  • Should they move him?
    • Why and why not

New York Knicks

  • Why the Derek Fisher firing was justified.
  • Who are Alex’s top picks for taking over at the helm of the Knicks.
  • Should they move Melo if any way possible?
  • Is Blatt in the running for the Knicks or any head coaching job next season?

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