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Doc Rivers Compares Blake Griffin to Richard Nixon

The NBA comparison game was strong Friday night. Not only did we have D’Angelo Russell somewhat comparing himself to LeBron James and Jesus Christ (not a sentence fragment I thought I’d ever write), but we have Doc Rivers using a Richard Nixon analogy to discuss Blake Griffin in terms of forgiveness.

Rivers told reporters before the Clippers’ game on Friday against the Lakers that forgiveness isn’t something Griffin should be without. To put it more bluntly:

Yes. Yes, America did build a former President of the United States a library, as it is custom.

This comes off the heels of Griffin beating up a team equipment staff member. The two are reportedly friends, though Griffin is more than a foot and 100 pounds larger than the victim of the pummeling.

The incident has even resulted in many speculating possible trade situations which would force Los Angeles’ hand. None of which have seem to yet be rooted in actual reporting. It’s worth noting, though, that not all of the backlash is anti-Griffin rhetoric. Some of have stood firm in their belief of one bad deed doesn’t define a man.

Over a period of time, of course Griffin will eventually be forgiven. Hopefully, though, no libraries will be built in his honor. Maybe a KIA dealership, though. That would be rather fitting.

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