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D’Angelo Russell Says He Gets Criticized Like LeBron James and Jesus

The Los Angeles Lakers are a mess. Not even the hot variety, either. Between Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour looking like Jerry Garcia was reanimated from the dead to perform gratefully to Byron Scott’s handling of, well, everything, things haven’t gone so swell. All of which leads us to rookie, D’Angelo Russell. Who, naturally, kind of sort of compared himself to the world’s most famous carpenter:

In context, Russell’s quote isn’t as absurd as one might think. He’s merely saying no one who’s ever roamed planet Earth is safe from critiques. That said, it does open up the door for as many jokes as a pretend comedian could possibly handle.

Russell, who’s had his internal issues with Scott, can’t seem to catch a break lately. Before comparing himself to Jesus and LeBron James, Russell was criticized by his own coach for being so confident that he’s bordering on some sort of fictitious cockiness danger line.

His rookie season so far has seen its fair share of up and downs. Los Angeles fans are hoping he can, like Jesus, resurrect any chance he has at becoming a superstar in the NBA. Mostly despite having to deal with the losingest coach in Lakers history.

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